Tuesday, December 2, 2014


For the 3rd paper, the synthesis paper i felt like i could of been more organized like I planned in my purpose statement. I also felt like the authors that were provided in the packet did not give me enough in order to provide a counter argument. Although I do feel like I emphasized on key points as to why it is very important for individuals to stay focused in school and obtain a degree. As far as my intended audience goes i felt like i provided great evidence to prove to them that it is important to obtain a college degree in order to succeed but not only a college degree is important and I felt like I remained focus on the two key elements thats make an individual stand out and better qualified.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

what i care about

I care for my everyone around me and their lack of social skills and lack of communication skills. this can be all due to the higher use of social media. What is it about social media that has a lot of individuals hands glued to their phone. i turn around in class and see a glare in many individuals glasses as they stare into their phones during a once a week lecture. or i look ahead and see individuals roaming the web and chatting on their laptops as the prof lectures us about the credits and debts in large company accounts. why even bother showing up to class. i care for those individuals who are wasting their time looking into a screen in order to communicate with individuals. because of social media and technology many people lack communication skills which leads to misunderstandings. My question then is what is it bout these major social media websites that have individuals in a trance like state just scrolling past life and not aware of those around them. how has Facebook along with twitter been so addictive? Teachers, parents, and bosses of individuals have found this to be a major issue. For teachers it is the lack of mental presence in their class. as for the parents it is the lack of acknowledgement and also a result to many car related deaths because texting and being on social networks has been a major problem even on the roads while driving. in the work force it has also been a problem because instead of employees concentrating on work they seem to always have their phone on hand. there is a distraction and often times this may result to injuries if it is a a lot of manual labor or high risks in mistakes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Draft of purpose statement

The purpose of this paper is to synthesize article found in chapter 5, The changing landscape of work in the twenty first century. Those articles in particular are by Alan S. Binder, Thomas L. Friedman, and Ursula Huws. The points I pull out of these articles will help me argue that the technology and advancements have lead us to have constant changes at any work places. With that being said I will agree that in order to be best prepared and highly qualified for most future positions with a sense of security we must adapt to changes now, we have to realize that there is a demand for multi-lingual individuals in companies. Also being able to adapt and acknowledge that there is always something changing. Also the other point I would like to get across is, in order to be a well-round and diverse employee making you a great possible candidate you must be a global citizen. In the sense that you are aware of your surroundings making My intended audience being college students or high school students planning out there future. It is never too late to change majors or even to consider a double or minor major. I just want to inform and remind other college students that the future will always be changing and they should be best prepared for any drastic changes right out of college. My essay should be best read during school or any breaks in between classes. I along with many other friends seem to think of future plans when we wait around for other classes to begin. Also among conversations with other friends with different or same major. it is always nice to get a different perspective on different topics especially relating to the future of your most cared for friends and family members. I plan to organize based on the articles and any arguments that may relate to any other argument mentioned before. I will lean more towards becoming multi-lingual as i believe that is key to job security in the future. I believe that by worrying others of there own financial security that it is the only way to bring a concern on the topic. Individuals need to understand that jobs are not guaranteed and hard work needs to be put onto ones major in order to show dedication. ethos: I will make my paper stronger by reminding my audience that my sources are creditable. By doing so I will ensure my Readers that I along with the sources are creditable. Pathos: I will explain how many jobs are being out sourced because of cheap labor and because those individuals with the new jobs appreciate the title and show more dedication. I will also include that in order to avoid being a unemployed because the changes that are being made, individuals need to reconsider the majors that they are majoring in. They need to understand that many positions can be taken over and done else where with no interference in the quality. Logos: I Plan on Including my own opinion on the topic in hopes that they also see it in my perspective. Sometimes a article is not enough and need a different way of looking at a situation in order to fully grasp it. Medium: My essay's format will be in MLA in order for my reader to easily see where i got my information from. Also the paper is written in Times New Roman and 12pt font in order for it to be easily read. I also did this so my audience can take the paper more serious and be easily read between classes. For my over all argument I will isolate and strongly stick to what I believe is ideal future plan for individuals. Only because some students need a little assurance as to what they should consider for a minor or even a major for those undeclared. I also want to bring awareness to those who lack information about jobs outsourcing because of cheaper labor. I want individuals to be financial stable in the future and not have to worry about potential unemployment. I also want to bring up to the readers attention that they need to prepare for changes because nothing will be constant especially with technology only advancing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Looking back to the design plan I over all stayed close to my initial idea. Although the posters were not ads in the 1970s they were ads during 1930's and 1940's. I went into great detail explaining how the company used their ads to attract mainly males and who they did this with the help of females. Although I do feel I could of added more about the color and tone being presented. I found it difficult in doing because the posters were rather simply besides the actual individual centered and the main focus. In my design plan I mentioned adding the increase in smokers after the ads were published, but it was difficult to find the actual publication date of the ads therefore I left that out. I covered over all how sex appeal, health, and success was being captured in the pictures of the individuals and how the company manipulated them for their fanatical benefits.

Design Plan

My purpose for this essay is to explain and go into detail on what is being portrayed in the poster ads in the pro smoking ads in the 1970and there use all around the world to increase the number of smokers. I will examine and evaluate what makes the poster effective. What strategies are being used to attract the attention of the viewer and penitential buyers? This may be by the alignment or the actual visual in the poster, what is the main focus and their intended audience. What is being portrayed? Also evaluate if it enough for the targeting audience to go and buy a pack. Therefore, the overall purpose is to break down the posters. Breaking it down and evaluating the poster will make it clear to me and my readers how sex appeal was used to encourage smoking during the 1970s. I will do this by collecting a group of well-developed and common posters that were used during that era to target non-smokers and encourage them to smoke. In addition, I will align the appropriate text to the appropriate poster in my paper to ensure relationship between the two. I want to ensure that all points are touched upon; the text and font the alignment in the over all title and message. The emotion being portrayed and include any facts about the tobacco industry. For example, I will include the increase of smokers due to the ads that were once used to attract a new group of people.
 Picture 1. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9ZHBjoctzNY/TtpRIdQTpiI/AAAAAAAAMZg/ewrpw0Y2N20/s1600/lucky_strike_ad.jpg

 Picture 2. 

Picture 3. http://www.grayflannelsuit.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/celebrity-smoking-ad_humphrey-bogart-lauren-bacall-1948-robt-burns.jpg

 Picture 4. http://advertera.pro/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/cigarette-ad-vintage6.jpg

rhetorical analysis of posters