Thursday, October 16, 2014

Design Plan

My purpose for this essay is to explain and go into detail on what is being portrayed in the poster ads in the pro smoking ads in the 1970and there use all around the world to increase the number of smokers. I will examine and evaluate what makes the poster effective. What strategies are being used to attract the attention of the viewer and penitential buyers? This may be by the alignment or the actual visual in the poster, what is the main focus and their intended audience. What is being portrayed? Also evaluate if it enough for the targeting audience to go and buy a pack. Therefore, the overall purpose is to break down the posters. Breaking it down and evaluating the poster will make it clear to me and my readers how sex appeal was used to encourage smoking during the 1970s. I will do this by collecting a group of well-developed and common posters that were used during that era to target non-smokers and encourage them to smoke. In addition, I will align the appropriate text to the appropriate poster in my paper to ensure relationship between the two. I want to ensure that all points are touched upon; the text and font the alignment in the over all title and message. The emotion being portrayed and include any facts about the tobacco industry. For example, I will include the increase of smokers due to the ads that were once used to attract a new group of people.
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