Tuesday, November 18, 2014

what i care about

I care for my everyone around me and their lack of social skills and lack of communication skills. this can be all due to the higher use of social media. What is it about social media that has a lot of individuals hands glued to their phone. i turn around in class and see a glare in many individuals glasses as they stare into their phones during a once a week lecture. or i look ahead and see individuals roaming the web and chatting on their laptops as the prof lectures us about the credits and debts in large company accounts. why even bother showing up to class. i care for those individuals who are wasting their time looking into a screen in order to communicate with individuals. because of social media and technology many people lack communication skills which leads to misunderstandings. My question then is what is it bout these major social media websites that have individuals in a trance like state just scrolling past life and not aware of those around them. how has Facebook along with twitter been so addictive? Teachers, parents, and bosses of individuals have found this to be a major issue. For teachers it is the lack of mental presence in their class. as for the parents it is the lack of acknowledgement and also a result to many car related deaths because texting and being on social networks has been a major problem even on the roads while driving. in the work force it has also been a problem because instead of employees concentrating on work they seem to always have their phone on hand. there is a distraction and often times this may result to injuries if it is a a lot of manual labor or high risks in mistakes.

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