Thursday, September 11, 2014

Draft of the design plan for the photo essay

Claim 1-  Local produce to reducing ecological footprint
Claim 2- Support local business
Claim 3- Farmers

I will be taking pictures of local farms and their harvest of the current season.
also taking pictures of people shopping at local and near by farmer markets
A new business that is now open that receives all their produce from local farms and ensures that their meat is within a certain radius
take pictures of local signs that claims the food is locally grown
also pictures of produce or products that are fair trade

I will start off by going to a large well known super market and looking for produce that is locally grown and fair trade (pictures)
then i will drive around and take pictures of local farms and their current harvest (pictures)
take pictures of the farmer markets i visit and shop at (pictures)
then take pictures of the new business that is soon or is already open that encourages local produce

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