Monday, September 15, 2014

Design Plan

Medium and production

I need to take pictures of produce and other products that are used daily and could also be find at farmer markers, but I need to capture them in a way that my readers could distinguish the difference from both products. An apple is an apple what makes it different from the apple grown locally and sold from the direct farmer compared to the apples found at Wal-Mart. I need to figure out a way to show the distance traveled from one to the other in order to convince my readers why they should support local farmers.


Ethos: What I am trying to express through the pictures may come out to be demanding, as if shopping at farmer markets is the best and only way to shop from produce. What I am trying to do with the end result of the photo essay is introduce people to another experience and another form of shopping for food.

Pathos: Based on the purpose and ethos I need to make sure the photo essay expresses a different, but welcoming environment. The pictures will capture enjoyment of those attending the farmers market. Also, I hope to include children enjoying themselves, which I hope will encourage my readers to attend after seeing the pictures. In addition, the pictures will capture a sense of a different environment, to encourage others to explore what is in their community. 

Logos: Farmer marketing is nothing new; people have been farming for their own good for years. With that being said, I need to capture more then just people exchanging money for goods, but I need to capture the joy of the farmers being able to share something you enjoy doing with ours in their community. I also need to capture and show how that money circulates in the community. That may be a challenge because I do not know what they would be buying with the money earned. Therefore, the argument may take six pictures or more in order to convince my readers they should look into farmer markets or at least visit one. 


Under every picture I will have a narrative explaining the location and a little about that market. I feel like this is necessary in order to inform my readers of a potential location in they live in the area I visited. I start a few pages with a comparison of a few well-named locations; like Wal-Mart or Jewel Osco, for produce. Then the last few slides I will only focus on the markets so they will be the last thing on the readers mind in hopes they go and look up other locations and plan a day to go out for themselves and experience shopping at a farmers market.  

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